Transforming THE Auto Auction Experience-Improving Efficiency and Profits

Lower Costs- We have partnered with the auction to dramatically reduce your auction fees from standard auction pricing

Increase Profits – Being more competitive at the auctions allows you to save money and improve your bottom line profits

Spend Less Time Traveling to Different Auctions- Your time is your most valuable asset and working smart by using our partner auctions for all of your buying and selling will save you time

Collaborate for Results- Working together with other dealers and auction partners to improve profits- Small to midsize dealers represent about 40 percent of all auction transactions but individually they pay the highest fees.  When you become a member of the Dealer Alliance we work together to save everyone money

Simple Fees for buying and selling vehicles- We negotiate competitive fees with our partner auctions previously only given to the biggest dealership groups.  Now you can save too!

Easy to register and start saving – Registration is one simple form to complete to get you saving on every auction transaction at participating auction partners

compete with large corporate dealers – Large corporate dealer groups used to have a competitive advantage but with DAA small to medium sized dealers can compete with lower auction fees




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